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  • Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.
    - Steve Jobs

Who are you as a leader?  How are you impacting the different worlds in which you operate?  How do you know?  What 1 thing could you change in your Leadership that would have a massive impact on the effectiveness of your organization?  This "Leadership MRI" answers these questions, and more. 

Our approach to Leadership development is centred around a proven model, backed by decades of research in leadership theory, organizational effectiveness, and the science of adult development.  As certified practitioners in "The Leadership Circle Profile" we leverage this model to take a "snap shot" of a Leader's current leadership impact.  We look at the kind of impact a Leader thinks they are having (self-assessment), as well as a 360 feedback from their direct reports, peers, bosses and other relationships to see the kind of impact they are actually having in their world.  

With this "snap shot" in hand, we then map and begin the individual leadership development journey that will guarantee the most impactful changes for that leader in relation to their leadership effectiveness for overall business outcomes. 

In addition to individual Leaders, we also provide a look at the impact of entire Leadership Teams - their individual impacts, as well as their collective impact, on an organization culture through the "Leadership Culture Survey".  Find out what kind of leadership your organization is actually craving, shown side-by-side with what kind they are experiencing today.  We then work with the Leadership Team to close the gap, turning the Leadership System into the organization's greatest asset.

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  • When you click the link below, you'll be invited to register to take your survey, which will take approximately 20 mins to complete.  
  • When you register, please enter our email address using one of "Rob or Vina [at]" as your "Coach" so that we receive your feedback once completed.
  • This tool is COMPLEX - We highly recommend that you not make meaning of your results without the aid of a certified practitioner.
  • This tool is a "snap shot" in time.  It is contextual, is not "who you are" and does not define your potential as a leader.

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The Leadership Circle Profile

  • They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
    - Carl W. Buechner

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