Dec 11th - WEBINAR - Leadership Agility: How to Empower Leaders and Teams to Thrive in Today's Complexity

Dec 11th - WEBINAR - Leadership Agility:  How to Empower Leaders and Teams to Thrive in Today's Complexity

According to Deloitte's 2019 Global Human Capital Trends research, "In a world of disruptive digital business models, augmented workforces, flattened organizations, and an ongoing shift to team-based work practices, organizations are challenging their leaders to step up and show the way forward."

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Wednesday December 11th @ 12:00 - 1:00 pm EST

While many leaders recognize the need to develop greater agility, collaboration, capacity for change, and ways of teaming more effectively, most organizations are still modelling and promoting out-dated models of leadership. Essentially there is a gap between the kind of leadership that is required - for today, and going forward into the future - and what's being done to develop this leadership in our organizations. This webinar is meant to help close this gap.

Join hosts Vina Nadjibulla and Rob Sinclair of Thrive Leadership Group, for an in-depth look at:

  • Unpacking the "Leadership Essentials" in today's VUCA world - People, Purpose, and Performance
  • Understanding the "Agile Mindset" needed for 21st Century Leadership and how to adopt it
  • Understanding the limitations of traditional command and control leadership models, and why companies who use them are struggling
  • The 3 biggest barriers to creating and empowering High Performance Teams in your organization
  • How to develop "Leadership Leverage" - building healthy, thriving cultures capable of delivering exceptional business results

This webinar is for Leaders who are challenged by:

  • Complexity and overwhelm in their day-to-day role (and life)
  • Being part of and/or leading teams that are performing below their potential
  • Experiencing the pain of negative organizational cultures - interpersonal politics, silos, stagnation, and talent loss

And ultimately is designed for Leaders who want to:

  • Continue to rise to the level and quality of leadership that is needed today and into the future 
  • Be better prepared to thrive, and to empower their people to thrive, in the fast-changing world of work
  • Know how to consistently and reliably create and support networks of teams to be more innovative and collaborative in service of their stakeholders

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    - Carl W. Buechner

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