Mastering 21st Century Leadership - Executive Retreat in Monterey California

Mastering 21st Century Leadership - Executive Retreat in Monterey California

This 3-day leadership development retreat at the beachside Asilomar retreat centre in Monterey California brings together experienced leaders from different industries, communities, and sectors looking to form a learning laboratory to deepen and revitalize their leadership practice.

Leaders and their teams are experiencing unprecedented rates of change, feeling more overwhelmed and generally "in over their heads". They are facing more disruptive competition, high turnover of talent, engagement issues, relentless demands for innovation, and the pressure to achieve greater outcomes with fewer resources. This weekend retreat empowers leaders to thrive in the face of these increasingly complex demands.

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By attending this retreat you and your organization will be empowered to thrive in this increasingly complex and volatile world. You will be joining a cohort of leaders committed to deep and transformative learning who share common leadership values of self-awareness, service, and collaboration toward meaningful, systemic change.

Designed around the Leadership Circle Profile - the most powerful 360 assessment for measuring leadership effectiveness - our team of experienced leadership development practitioners will walk you through facilitated group sessions, individual coaching, outdoor experiential activities, networking and shared learning, culminating in the creation of an individualized Leadership Development MAP.

You will come away refreshed, connected, and clear about how to take your leadership to the next level and bring powerful positive change to your organization and ecosystem.

You will learn how to...

  • Engage complexity and uncertainty with confidence and skillfulness
  • Maintain consistently high levels of personal energy and vitality for sustainable results
  • Innovate and collaborate in the midst of paradox and competing tensions and requirements
  • Think and operate more systemically in service of your stakeholder interests
  • Grow and expand your leadership capacity, for both hierarchical and networked environments
  • Generate fast and sustainable results in times of change
  • Maximize your interpersonal effectiveness, influence, and the quality of your relationships
  • Build a network of leadership colleagues to support your on-going learning and success

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  • They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
    - Carl W. Buechner

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